Best and Top Cheque Bounce Lawyers in Coimbatore

Wall cliff is one of the leading law firms with a team of highly experienced lawyers who understand how to best represent clients’ interests. Cheque bounce is considered to be the most crucial financial offences that can lead to disastrous consequences for the lethargic issuer. The cheque bounce legal issues may cause severe disaster varying from Penalty by the bank, Negative Impact on your CIBIL score, facing civil and criminal charges by the aggrieved party, apart from handling RBI guidelines, whereby which the banks can stop issuing cheque book facilities to any customer booked for repeated cheque bounce offence at least four times on cheques valued at over Rs 1 crore and also If collateral security is kept with the bank for any loan and if repayment EMI cheque bounces, the banks are well within their right to issue a legal notice or deduct money from your account. Hence, the cheque bounce issue should not be overlooked in a lighter way by anyone, who would otherwise put in trouble.

Our Best and Top Cheque Bounce Lawyers and Advocates in Coimbatore specializes in cheque bounce litigations and they understand the complex regulatory overlay that cases can give rise to.

Best and Top Cheque Bounce Lawyers  in Coimbatore
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