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Mr.Maheshkumar P ( MK)
Founder & Chief Advocate

Mr.P.Maheshkumar (MK) is our founder, chief advocate and sole proprietor of our firm M/s. Wallcliffs Law firm. We specialise on all civil, criminal, labour, tax, banking, corporate, family laws and all other laws required for corporates, start up, developing and developed business firms in one roof. Our founder MK started our firm way back in 2003 and with his rich experience in legal arena; within a span of 17 years, he made our firm to earn its credibility among good many domestic and international clients.

Our firm has its offices at Chennai, Coimbatore and Tirupur which are taken care by its highly skilled and determined associate attorneys and attorneys guided by our Chief advocate. We also have associated Offices in major state capitals and abroad.

Mk ensures our clients seek their remedy more through preventive measures despite making them landing up in Police stations and Courts. Thus, his belief has landed us with huge number of corporate retainer clients, since 2003. We in Wallcliffs, take client's pain and pressure as ours own and would always entrust their their peace and relief in return. Our firm specialise in retainer-ship model. We equally specialise in litigation which is backed up by our battalion of lawyers. Our attorneys believe in fierce advocacy, determined dedication and relentless representation. Your case is our cause.


Our mission is to provide standard legal advice to the needy in a speedy manner with our reliable & commercially viable legal service. We also intent to empower all sects of the society with our credible solution, derived by analysing the issue from all possible angles of legal interpretation. We put our at at most efforts to expertise in unlocking all possible legal knots and ambiguities in understanding the niceties of law.


Our vision includes encountering the required changes warranted in our conventional laws in order to cope with the present modern society. We also aim at educating the public more about the recent developments and amendments in the legal scenario in respect of personal, privacy, property and inheritance laws.


" Irrespective of the fact that we handle a lot of cases, each of your Case is our Cause. Hence we here by solemnly state and sincerely affirm that we are always Loyal, Honest and Trustworthy. We are skilled and updated Advocates. We put our Blood and Soul to Represent Relentlessly, Advocate Fiercely and to always act with Determined Dedication and with absolute presence of mind."

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